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AV029 - The Finsterwallies "Deum de Clade" CS60 Shadowbox


The Finsterwallies' first entry not processing modern popular music (you may recall the project partnered with no its becky for a split in 2015, wreaking havoc on Carly Rae Jepsen's "Warm Blood") is a treatise on free-market capitalism's marketing of chaos and fear. DEUM DE CLADE explores the policy and process of Crisis Simulations International (CSI) with nearly an hour of plodding, occasionally ambient noise.

A singular frequency provides feedback throughout a majority of these tracks, signaling an alarm that cannot be silenced, an inevitability that must be prepared for, if only for the sake of the shareholders and executives who have survived global catastrophe.

Packaged in a glass-front shadowbox, this release is crafted for proud display or wry reminder, and includes a CSI "Deux Ex Machina" lapel pin.

Edition of 10.